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A Fitness Suite Focusing on You

St Charles Health and Fitness Suite focuses on providing the
un-intimidating and friendly surroundings required to help each
member achieve their health and fitness goals. All of our
Health and Fitness Advisors are trained to a very high standard and all offer different
areas of expertise. Our advice is free and we would encourage you to approach
a Health and Fitness Advisor as often as possible to discuss how your training is developing.

Once a member of the Fitness Suite, you pay nothing apart from your monthly membership for unlimited use of the Fitness Suite facilities. We offer free personal training sessions to members who feel they need more guidance on their training, or want to develop their workout to focus more on their goals. A service that the vast majority of other Health Clubs will charge members for.


Circuit Training
Circuit training classes take place on Wednesday evenings between 6.15pm - 7.15pm. It is a great way to work out with friends!

A gym based exercise programme combining both cardiovascular and resistance exercises. Appropriate for all levels as you can determine your own intensity of each exercise.

More circuit classes are planned subject to demand. Please contact us and let us know what days and times are suitable for you.

xtrnew (20K)For those who are not familiar with the Pilates method of body conditioning, it is a unique system of stretching and lengthening exercises. It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture and flexibility. The integral part of the technique is a strong base, correct use of the abdominal and the use of breathing. The result being a balanced poised body and a relaxed focussed mind.

Pilates can also :

  • Slim, strengthen, lengthen, and increase flexibility of the muscles by balancing and aligning the muscles.
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Improve postural alignment
  • Help relieve stress and stress related disorders
  • Revitalise and relax
  • Improve circulatory system

Origins of Pilates

The Pilates method was developed in 1920 by German born Joseph Pilates. Like many other innovators of physical therapy, childhood frailty gave him determination to become strong and healthy. His influence varied from yoga to animal movement.

More About Pilates

Whilst Pilates has always been popular with dancers, singers and TV personalities, it has now become a firm place with most fitness and health establishments throughout the country, and is suitable for everyone regardless of profession, age, and fitness level.

Other Classes

A purpose built room for all types of exercise classes is currently under construction and is due to be completed by the Summer of 2002. We will then be able to provide a comprehensive list of exercises classes.

Your Health Matters

freewold (17K)Parkside NHS Trust Staff can benefit from free services that aim to enhance their overall feeling of well being. For those who have suffered any sort of accident, injury, or workplace stress, a unique rehabilitation package is in place to benefit all.

These services include physiotherapy for those suffering from soft tissue trauma, spinal problems, neuromuscular or joint problems.

Staff can also be seen by the Senior Health and Fitness Advisor for an activity based rehabilitation programme; advice on lifestyle; diet; and health counselling.

The Moving and Handling Team also form part of this 'Staff Care' package. They provide training courses on safe and effective workplace moving, and also undertake workplace assessments where necessary.

Many people have also benefited from Occupational Health's counselling service provided by a Clinical Psychologist who visits sites across the Parkside area.

All of these services are overseen by the Occupational Health Department at St Charles Hospital. For Further details on any of these services please phone 020 8962 7690.

Sport Specific Training

For those members who play sport a free consultation and programme can be designed to focus on the specific requirements of the game e.g. speed, agility, power, stamina etc. This service is also available to local sports clubs, where a Health and Fitness Advisor can attend training sessions or the club can use the Fitness Suite. This service is offered at a very competitive rate. Any Club interested should contact the Senior Health and Fitness Advisor.

Back Care

Parkside is again setting the standards when it comes to the care of its staff and the local community, particularly in the prevention and rehabilitation of back pain.

The Fitness Suite will be holding Back Conditioning Classes. The aim of these classes is to focus on core stability, by working and strengthening muscles to help stabilise the back. Participants may be self referred, by the Parkside Physiotherapy Department or Occupational Health Department. Further details of these classes are available from St Charles Health and Fitness Suite - 020 8962 7695.

The Fitness Suite will also be offering a Back Rehabilitation Class which is an activity based rehabilitation programme to people suffering from back pain. Participants are referred from the Parkside Physiotherapy Department only.